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Fergus Falls Hunts

Fergus Falls, Mn - One of the hottest hunting area`s in Minnesota. Being a major staging area for waterfowl migrating from Canada and northern Minnesota, Fergus Falls has open water year round thanks to our friends at Ottertail Power.  They have a coal burning, electricity producing plant that dumps warm water from there cooling towers into the Ottertail River, which in turn keeps the river open from the plant all thru town .  Orwell Dam area will stage geese above the dam late into the season also.  We offer a varity of hunting opportunities during our hunting season...  From field hunting canada geese, to hunting a huge water spread.  We also offer duck hunts for Mallards in the corn fields also. Fergus Falls, Mn has a varity of eating, drinking establishments and Hotel / Motels to chose from while hunting here.  Fergus Falls is a quiet town located on the edge of the prairies, and lakes area.  It is located 2.5hrs north west of The Minneaplois / St Paul, MN area, and 1hr south east of Fargo, ND.


Waterfowl Guiding Experience

Over the years I have guided for numerous guide service between Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, South Dakota, and Iowa.  I have hunted the Peanut fields of West-Texas for 5 years, Glacial Lakes of South Dakota (Desmet area) and the Squaw creek Missouri river valley of Mound Ctiy, MO.  I use all the techniques, flagging, motion decoys, short reed calls and flutes... I take pride in what I do and how I hunt.  I am a stickler for detail.  I lease specific fields all year long, and I will day lease as to keep on the birds later in the season.  I decided 10yrs ago when it was an obssion to hunt ... Why not guide for a living, thus Banded Gand`r Outfitters was born!!!



We only use the best money can buy!!!  I run all Clinton Bigfoot fullbody and floaters for for the September and regular season.  In December I will deploy my secret weapons, but I will still be using my Bigfoots also.   We will be hunting out of either Final Approach s.u.b.`s haybale blinds, or blinds that I have set up at an earlier time. I use the Flagman Flags and Kites.


September early resident goose season

We kick off the early September Fergus Falls, MN goose season the first weekend of September. The resident season usually runs 20 consecutive days with a 5 goose limit.  We hunt wheat stubble, alfalpha, grass/turf fields and water.   The water hunts usually take place when we are anticipating a north/ northwest wind.  This brings the molting birds that have flown north to return to the Fergus Falls, MN area.  On these days, the birds usually fly later, but they will fly all afternoon. September weather can bring the best and worst.  So expect warm weather, to mildly cold, and rain too!  Don`t forget the bug spray either!!!   Our early September Fergus Falls, MN resident goose season is often refered to as the "misquito hunt".  The birds will feed twice a day, but when its really warm, the birds will feed until 9-10am, then they return to there roosts until that last hour in the evening.



Regular Goose Season

The regular Fergus Falls, MN goose season usually starts the first week in October, and will run approximently (60) days.  The canada goose limit is (3) birds per day with (6) birds in possesion.  During this season we will be hunting all types of fields.  From golden corn, soybeans, and some fresh cut alfalpha.





  • September - Runs from 1st weekend in September through the 3rd weekend.  
  • Regular Season -Regular season will run from the first week in Oct until the last weekend in Decemeber


  • September - $125/hunter
  • Regular Season
    • Monday - Friday - $100/hunter
    • Saturday and Sunday - $125/hunter
  • Mallard Duck Hunts - $125/hunter
  • Duck and Goose Combo Hunts - $150/hunter

What to bring

-12 gauge 3-3.5 BB`s, BBB`s  for geese, #1, 2 for ducks

-Steel shot or any other non-toxic shot approved by the USFWS.

-Bug spray (Sept early season)

-Camo insulated clotheing for later in the season


-Whites (late december season)

-Rain gear

-ice chest


-Federal, state waterfowl stamp

-Minnesota small game license

-Early/late season $4 license