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Banded Gand’r Outfitters offers fully guided Duck, Canada Goose and Spring Snow Goose hunts in Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota and Texas. When picking a location to go hunting for waterfowl it is important to choose a  guide that knows the area well and understands how local conditions can change the habits of the migrating snow geese. We are that outfitter; we have hunted these area longer than most and are tied to the area. Banded Gand'r Outfitters is owned by Kyle Phillips and is based out of Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

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A Guide With Experience

A Guide With Experience

Over the years I have guided for numerous guide service between Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, South Dakota, and Iowa. I have hunted the Peanut fields of West-Texas for 5 years, Glacial Lakes of South Dakota (DeSmet area) and the Squaw creek Missouri river valley of Mound City, MO. I use all the techniques, flagging, motion decoys, short reed calls and flutes... I take pride in what I do and how I hunt. I am a stickler for detail. I lease specific fields all year long, and I will day lease as to keep on the birds later in the season. I decided 10yrs ago when it was an obsession to hunt ... Why not guide for a living, thus Banded Gand'r Outfitters was born!!!

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