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West Texas Waterfowl Hunts

West Texas Waterfowl Hunts

 We have been hunting West Texas / SW Oklahoma for over 20 years and specialize in Sandhill Crane, Lesser Canada geese, Snow geese and specklebelly geese. Waterfowl winter here by the thousands and feed in the crop land scattered through the country. Sandhill Cranes are also here by the thousands. If you have never hunted them you will never forget the way they work Feetdown into our Deception decoys.

We strive to make every Hunt professional and enjoyable.  From Sandhill Crane to Doves we cover it all!

Some of the best wing shooting in the world, including dove, waterfowl and Sandhill Cranes, happens in West Texas.

We hunt the vast cropland and playa lakes of West Texas / Oklahoma where millions of ducks, geese and sandhill cranes come to winter. There is nothing like the sight and sounds of A tornado of lessor Canada Geese or a flock of Sandhill Cranes decoying  feetdown into a spread!

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Texas Goose Hunts

Texas Goose Hunts

Lesser Canadian Geese, Specklebelly Geese and Snow geese number in the hundreds of thousands in the area we hunt, from West Texas to southern Oklahoma. A frame style blinds, white suits and layout blinds are all used in the different hunting situations. We run big full body decoy spreads ranging from hundreds to thousands depending on the amount of geese we are hunting. Fields are scouted every day to ensure the best success for each hunt.

  • $350 per day per person
  • No lodging is offered at this time.
  • Minimum of 6 up to 12 people.
Texas Sandhill Crane Hunts

Texas Sandhill Crane Hunts

We hunt Sandhill cranes out of a comfortable A- frame blinds and hunt over Deception Outdoors fullbody Sandhill Crane decoys. Most of the hunts are done over a crop field in the morning. Mid-morning watering holes are hunted also. Birds are scouted and watched daily so we can pick the best hunting scenario for your hunt.

  • $400 per day per person.
  • $600 per day per person w/ meals and lodging.
  • Minimum of 8 up to 12+ people.
  • Groups of less than 8 will be mixed.

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